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Legal professionals working with Phalanx investigators

About The Service

Safeguard Your Rights with Phalanx Defense Investigations

Phalanx supports legal teams with meticulous investigations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your situation. Rely on us for a strong defense and protection of your legal grounds. In handling the most complex investigations and intelligence gathering operations. As stated above, all assignments are conducted with the highest degree of confidentiality by licensed private investigators with time proven extensive experience in the profession.


What Does a Defense Investigator Do?

A defense investigator is a private investigator who collects evidence for a defense attorney to use when they represent someone who is on trial for a crime. The duties depend on the needs of the legal team with whom we work with. We usually interview witnesses, collect background information, and check the facts in police reports about the crime. We help prepare legal documents, convince a witness to testify on your client’s behalf, and correctly log evidence so that the defense lawyer can use it in court. Our responsibilities often include testifying about your investigation at the trial.

6 Cardinal points of investigation:
  • What specific offense was committed.
  • How the offense was committed.
  • Who committed it.
  • Where the offense was committed.
  • When it was committed.
  • Why it was committed

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