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Uncover Truths with Phalanx Civil Investigation Services

Our civil investigation services involve a meticulous examination of relevant information, providing clarity and empowering informed decision-making. Trust Phalanx for comprehensive investigative solutions tailored to your needs.

What is a civil case?

Civil cases are private disputes between individuals or organizations in which a person or entity will bring forward complaints that another person or entity failed to uphold their legal duty. The accusatory party will usually ask for completion of the duty and compensation for the harm done. A private investigator can be hired by one or both parties involved and can gather evidence in a reliable, legal manner.

What are common types of civil investigations?

While there are many kinds of civil investigations, some of the more common ones are:

Personal injury investigations: These investigations look into how an injury occurred in order to determine potential compensation.

Workers’ compensation investigations: The goal of workers’ comp investigations are to uncover and prevent insurance fraud.

Missing person investigations: Investigators conduct a missing person investigation to uncover information about people who are missing.

Child custody and abuse investigations: This type of investigation reveals the potential negligence and mistreatment of children.

Marital investigations: Investigations into marital disputes can uncover anything from domestic abuse to a cheating spouse.

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